MB MP: Alexandria's MB detainees transferred to security's headquarters
MB MP: Alexandria's MB detainees transferred to security's headquarters
Thursday, October 28,2010 14:19

MB MP: Alexandria's MB detainees transferred to security's headquarters 
Assistant Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary Bloc MP Sobhi Saleh has confirmed that the 70 political detainees from Alexandria who were arrested at dawn on the upcoming November parliamentary elections have been issued release orders. The detainees were arrested as they were posting banners supporting the MB's female candidate in Alexandria Bushra Alsamny. The MB has been largely targeted after chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie announced that the group would participate in the elections.
In an exclusive statement to "Ikhwanweb," Saleh indicated that the released detainees will be transported to the State security headquarters in Alexandria despite orders to immediately release the detainees.
According to Saleh security has been known to defy court rules especially with cases concerning MB members where the group has repeatedly faced harassment which is truly a violation of the law.

It is expected that the 70 detained MB members will be brought back to the police stations for interrogation to be released in the next few hours.
The detainees include:
Mahmoud Mohammed Said,
Ayman Mohammed Rashad,
Mohammed Al Halawani,
Mohamed Ibrahim,
Eid Mohamed Al-Jebali,
Ahmed Jaber,
Mohamed Mahmoud,
Mohamed Hussein,
Abdel-Monem Abdel-Monem,
Mohamed Hassan,
Hossam Hussein,
Ali Abdel-Rahman,
Alaa Al-Sayed Ali,
Ziad Shaaban,
Ahmed Seif El-Nasr,
Shehata Abdel-Rauf,
Ali Khalifa,
Abdullah Ibrahim,
Al-Sayed Abdel-Maqsoud,
Yaser Abu El Dahab,
Mustapha Fikri Muhammad Saeed,
Sameh Abdel Monem Mohammed Faki,
Al-Sayed Ali Kishk,
Mohammed Abdullah,
Hossam Al Fakharani,
Ahmed Ali Morsy Al Fakharani,
Ali Mahmoud Kedoani,
Mohammed Hafez,
Ahmed Khudry,
Mahmoud Abu Zeid,
Shehata Afifi,
Mohamed Abdel-Mawla,
Abdel-Hamid Mohamed Abdel-Hamid,
Hassan Ibrahim Abdel-Latif,
Fawzi Issawi,
Ahmed Saadawi,
Magdy Fawzi,
Al-Sayed Abdel Rahim Mohamed,
Mohammed Fawzi,
Ahmed Abbas,
Mohammed Samir,
Hani Mohammed Ali,
Ayman Hamouda,
Mohamed Abdel-Zaher,
Talal Qubeisi,
Mustafa Mohamed,
Al-Sayed Abdel-Aziz,
Abdel-Monem Mehran,
Abdel-Salam Ahmed,
Amr Mohamed Ahmed Al-Masry,
Moaaz Ezzat,
Abdul Rahman Mohamed Ahmed,
Ibrahim al-Alfi,
Nagy Abdul Hady,
Abdul Rahman Al-Sabbe,
Mohammad Reda,
Abd al-Mardi Saeed,
Al-Sayed Abdul Hamid Zyada,
Mustafa Ibrahim,
Muhammad Ali,
Hassan Al-Rashidy,
Mohammed Nasr, and
Eng. Hesham Salah