MB’s Akef Phones Palestinian Leaders to Solve Current Crisis
MB’s Akef Phones Palestinian Leaders to Solve Current Crisis
Thursday, January 11,2007 00:00

 Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, the chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, has held a phone call on Wednesday evening with the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), in which he stressed on the President’s pivotal role in sparing the Palestinian blood and uniting the Palestinians.
This phone call was held after a number of calls that the MB chairman had with other Palestinian leaders, topped by the Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, and Khalid Mashaal the chairman of Hamas movement politburo; the MB chairman ended them with contacting President Abu Mazen who welcomed it, stressing that there is a consensus of views that the Palestinian blood must be spared and protected, and that they must close ranks in order to get out of the current crisis that faces the besieged Palestinian people .
The MB chairman confirmed in statements to Ikhwanweb that he urged all sides to work for ending the blockade on the Palestinian people, and he is also urging all freemen all over the world to help lift this unjust and tyrannical blockade .
Akef pointed out that this move comes within framework of the Muslim Brotherhood’s feeling of responsibility towards the Muslims’ key issue, and in an attempt of bypassing plots of schemers who want to ignite seditions and schisms among the Arab and Islamic lines .
Akef, the chairman of the biggest opposition group in Egypt, demanded all Palestinian sides to avoid all inter-Palestinian disputes, close ranks in their targets, and giving a priority to the interests of the Palestinian people and the future of the cause, which will make all of them unite and avoid conspiracies that aim at fragmenting the inter-Palestinian front and shedding the blood of the innocent civilians.
In a related context, the MB chairman told the BBC Radio on Thursday that his phone calls with the three leaders included confirming on the sanctity of the Palestinian blood, closing ranks, and giving a priority to the Palestinian interests, confirming that the latest incidents troubled all.
Mr. Akef stressed that the unity, full understanding of the Palestinian cause and giving a priority to the interest of the Palestinian people to work for reaching a free Palestine, concluding his statements with confirming his appreciation to all Palestinian factions working in the Palestinian arenas, including Fatah and Hamas, and his call to all groups to observe a self-control to liberate all the Palestinian territories.