Civil Liberties Groups Condemn MB Arrests in Alexandria
Civil Liberties Groups Condemn MB Arrests in Alexandria
Wednesday, October 27,2010 12:02

 Liberties Committees belonging to Journalists' and Lawyers' Syndicates condemned the fierce campaign of arrests in which more than 70 members of the group and candidates' supporters were arrested at dawn in Alexandria since the group confirmed its participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections. They have emphasized that the regime is revealing its brutality, ugliness and insistence on rigging the elections.
Jamal Taj al-Din, secretary-general of the Civil Liberties Committee, said the arrests are provocative and a flagrant aggression by the tyrannical regime against the basic constitutional rights of people and a desperate attempt to prevent people from participating in the polls, especially the reformers, who are trying desperately to be a protective shield ensuring that people's civil rights are not violated.
Taj al-Din called on MB supporters to protect and uphold their legal and constitutional rights and continue their efforts to maintain national security despite the sacrifices they have made.
Mohamed Abdul Quddus, rapporteur of the Civil Liberties Committee and member of the Press Syndicate Council, described the latest wave of arrests as "a crime by all standards against freedom of opinion and expression", emphasizing it is an act of retaliation from the government after the Brotherhood scored their greatest victory in the 2005 elections. He also condemns state-sponsored violence and flagrant violation of human rights, adding, "It is impossible to separate it from the closure of religious TV channels".