Court Cancels Disciplinary Penalties Against MB Students
Court Cancels Disciplinary Penalties Against MB Students
Sunday, January 14,2007 00:00

Qina’ s Administrative Court cancelled the unjust penalties of the disciplinary board at Ganoub Al-Wadi University against Muslim Brotherhood students who were dismissed and denied access to first term exams, due to a nationwide security policy against MB students in Egyptian universities. According to the court order, the students will be allowed to attend the mid term exams in addition to other exams they missed.

Court Extend Detentions in Mansoura

Mansoura Criminal Court approved today the prosecution request to extend detentions of Muslim Brotherhood members for another 15 days pending investigation.

A lower court initially approved an appeal filed by the detainees lawyer to release them, but the prosecution later challenged the ruling on the same day before Mansoura Criminal Court which accepted its challenge. The detainees, Dr. Mohamed Abdul Rahman, Dr. Hamed Mansour, and Eng. Mohamed Zakariya, will appear before the prosecution next Tuesday Jan. 16, 2007.

In a similar incident, Mansoura Appeals Court issued a ruling to release Mr. Ali Al-Sheikh who was arrested on the first day of Al-Adha Feast, but the prosecution challenged the ruling and the appeal will be heard tomorrow at Mansoura Criminal Court.

The prosecution accused them of reviving activities of the Muslim Brotherhood group and possessing Muslim Brotherhood cards wishing the public a happy feast.

SSI Issue arrest warrants against 16 Sharqiya MBs Released by court

The State Security Investigators (SSI) issued several arrest warrants against 16 Muslim Brotherhood members in Sharqiya Governorate who were released by court. The group was sent back to Wadi Al-Natrun prison 2 despite the court ruling last week to release them.

The 16 detainees are,

1-Dr. Mohamed Abdul Ghani, specialist in ophthalmology at Zagazig University hospitals.

2-Dr. Amir Bassam, professor at Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine, Asyut university.

3-Eng. Yasser Roshdi, manager at the township of Zagazig.

4-Dr. Mohsen Qahwa, owner and manager of Electronic Engineering company.

5-Mr. Abdullah Al Bahrawi, Lawyer

6-Mohamed Nagib Abdul Ghani Ibrahim, General Manager of the legal affairs in the West Zagazig Education District.

7-Abdul Hamid Ahmed Abdou, accountant at the Agricultural Authority in Zagazig.

8-Eng. Mohamed Ezzat, owner of an engineering company.

9-Ashraf Al-Baghdadi, employee at the Authority of Electricity.

10-Hassan Othman, French language teacher.

11-Mohamed Habib, Lawyer.

12-Maher Abdul Latif, an employee in a contracting company.

13-Tamer Sobhi Nasruddin, student at the Faculty of Education, Arabic dept.

14-Osama Ibrahim, employee in Al-Azhar Education Department.

15-Mohamed Guda, businessman

16-Dr. Hamdi Allaam, opthalmologist

Meanwhile, the state security service is still detaining Tamer Sobhi Nasruddin, a student in the Faculty of Education, Arabic Dep.