Wafd Party: Opposition will not be silenced
Wafd Party: Opposition will not be silenced
Tuesday, October 5,2010 16:59

In a fiery press conference held Monday at the Wafd party headquarters, Mr. Shordy warned of “unprecedented” violence during the upcoming parliamentary elections, asserting that his party will confront any violent harassment of their candidates even if it means using firearms. He added that they will document any violations during the voting process, and will not be easily silenced

 Al Wafd’s general assembly announced last month that it will participate in the parliamentary elections and will not join other opposition parties that boycotted the elections

 He added that "elections won’t be fair, but we can’t leave Egypt under the control of the ruling party without challenge,” confirming that campaigning is scheduled to begin in two weeks time.

 Shordy emphasized the significant role of the media in exposing possible violations during the November elections.