Political opposition chants slogans amid baton wielded police‏
Political opposition chants slogans amid baton wielded police‏
Wednesday, September 22,2010 06:44

Demonstrators were beaten by baton wielded Police at a protest of approximately 300 Egyptians against, what they alleged were, plans to the bequeathing of power to the president's 47 year old son, Gamal.

Despite denials, much controversy has surrounded the upcoming Presidential elections where Mubarak, 82, has been in power since 1981. To date, the president has not yet announced his intentions to run for the upcoming presidential elections, but with his ailing health, rumor has it that he could hand power to Gamal.

Protests have been frequent and as both parliamentary and presidential elections approach, tensions rise.

The protests initiated by the April 6th Youth Movement, Kefaya and other groups was scheduled to coincide with the commemoration of Ahmed Orabi's death in 1911. The nationalist and military officer, Orabi, led a revolt against Egypt's ruler Khedive Tawfiq.
Mohamed Ehsan Abdel Kodous from the Muslim Brotherhood explained that the activists chose to repeat the slogans chanted during the presence of Khedive and European powers, in an attempt to revive the adamant stance of the citizens when forced to refute repression.
Lawyer and political activist, Wafaa Hanafy Sehab, ascertained that the protest was the first of a series planned to call on Egyptians not to vote. She added "We are calling for the boycott of elections because they are a sham."
According to political analysts, the opposition has yet to demonstrate it's capability in rallying mass protests to force reform of a regime that has depended largely on its security apparatus. The protests, although small, have not been met in a light manner.