MB urges US Government to prevent Quran burning event
MB urges US Government to prevent Quran burning event
Wednesday, September 8,2010 22:48
Muslim Brotherhood (MB) media spokesperson, Dr. Mohamed Morsy, condemned the grave decision by a Florida church to host a Quran burning ceremony on September 11, 2010, to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the twin tower attacks.
In a statement made to  "Ikhwanweb", Morsy accused the Dove Outreach church of 'stirring up hate and discrimination' between Muslims and Christians. The MB Executive Bureau's member called on the US administration to end it’s passive stance & quickly intervene, describing the planned event as an outright violation affecting over 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide. He added that burning the Holy Quran goes against all ethics, and does not fall under the freedom of expression act, but is clearly identified as a hate crime
Dr. Morsy called on the European Union, United Nations, Arab League, and the Organization of Islamic Conference to call on the US Government not only to condemn this outrageous attack on Muslims' sacred book, but to intervene to prevent such horrific act from taking place. Further adding, this is not the first time Islam and Muslims were targeted & disrespected, a similar incident involving Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) & the Quran occurred at the detention centre in Guantanamo Bay.
Dr. Morsy appealed it is imperative people unite, globally, against this revolting act and condemn it, adding that, just as the world was quick to condemn the destruction of statues of Buddha, describing it as an act of cultural genocide against humanity, the US MUST respond similarly by doing everything within it’s power to prevent this heinous act from taking place.