MB opinion: Ruling regime should work on solving power crisis rather than defaming MB
MB opinion: Ruling regime should work on solving power crisis rather than defaming MB
Saturday, August 21,2010 15:15

Egypt is currently facing numerous developments mostly related to the Muslim Brotherhood.  With the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for October the ruling regime has strategically given the green light to air the controversial TV series 'The Group' during the holy month of Ramadan. Questions are raised concerning the MB and their participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Further domestic developments confirm the inability of the ruling NDP party to find solutions for the energy crisis in Egypt , the escalating prices of basic commodities and the decreasing supply of wheat in addition to the failure in tackling widespread corruption in all fields
On the external level, the Palestinian issue is at a plateau and is on the verge of entering the failed peace treaty phase. Meanwhile, the Pakistanis flood disaster has affected many Pakistanis leaving the people without food or shelter deeming them desperate for international collaboration to ease their situation and offer relief.

In light of these issues, the MB Group expresses numerous opinions
I-On the domestic level:

The MB Group would like to assert that the aired episodes of the TV series 'The Group' is without doubt a desperate effort by the NDP ruling party to distort the true image of the group and improve the already tarnished reputation of the regime.

It is no twist of fate that the decision to screen the series coincides with the approaching People's Assembly elections. The ruling regime is making failed attempts to change the convictions of the Egyptian people who are rallying behind the peaceful MB who call for political reform and constitutional amendments.  The MB however is fully confident that the Egyptian people are aware that the MB works on defending the citizens' rights squandered largely as a result of the widespread corruption, bribery and discrimination. There is still plenty of talk on whether the MB will participate in the upcoming elections or not and on the rates of their representation in these elections. The MB would like to reassert that the decision of participation or non - participation will be announced in due time after those responsible make a decision.

  Egypt is currently faced with the nationwide dilemma of constant disruption of their basic needs mainly electricity and water. The MB believes that the successive governments' failure to design long-run agendas to manage the affairs of Egypt and wide corruption is the main reason behind the continuation of these and other crisis. The MB believes that the corruptive government officials must be tried and found accountable for their actions.

 The MB asserts that the cancellation of the Russian wheat deals has created an unstable situation in Egypt despite the reassuring statements made by the government demonstrating that the ruling party and its successive governments have been deliberate in their bid not to reach the stage of self-sufficiency of this strategic commodity.

II -On the regional and international levels:

The MB calls on the Arab and Muslim Nations alike to unite and support the stricken Pakistanis who were terribly affected by the floods which have left the people without food and shelter. It is both a religious and humanitarian duty to help any and all people in need.
It has become evident that the futile negotiations announced by the so-called Committee of the Arab Peace Initiative is now inert and that peace negotiations will not be restored. This illustrates the necessity to promote and support the resistance which seeks to end the oppressive occupation of Palestine, to terminate all forms of negotiations, to work seriously for ending the inter-Palestinian division, and to end the unjust blockade clamped on the Gaza Strip which is living under harsh conditions in view of the continued disruption of the electricity and the shortage of natural gas, fuel and other basic necessities.