MB chairman criticizes gov't funded TV series smearing MB
MB chairman criticizes gov't funded TV series smearing MB
Sunday, August 15,2010 18:09

Dr. Badie asserted that the attempts of defaming the MB and distorting its history is nothing new, and it will not distract or deter the group in any way or form from their peaceful path calling for reform and political change. The TV series aired during Ramadan is written by Wahid Hamed and produced under the watchful eyes of the regime's powerful state security apparatus

The issue of the TV series was raised during the annual Iftar organized by the MB in the Sharqeya governorate, and attended by former MB chairman Mr. Mahdi Akef, deputy chairman, members of the MB Executive Bureau and leaders of the MB.

Mr. Mahdi Akef stated that history has shown that attempts to defame the MB only help promoting the group's ideology and attract more sympathizers to its cause. Akef argued that the MB represented a perfect model for democracy, highlighting that the group accepted his resignation although it wanted him to remain in office.
Akef called on MB members to focus on their responsibilities and strive to achieve the best for themselves and their nation.