CAIR urges American Muslims to know their travelling rights
CAIR urges American Muslims to know their travelling rights
Saturday, July 17,2010 07:34

 Muslim travelers flying from the US have been urged to be familiar with their lawful rights if they are placed on the "no-fly list".


CAIR has receive numerous  reports of American Muslims stuck overseas after being put  on the government's no-fly list of names. Those banned from coming back to the United States report being shorn of their right for legal representation. Reports maintained they were faced with FBI pressure tactics to give up the constitutionally-guaranteed right to remain silent, after having their passports seized without due process. Other reports maintained that they were being coerced to become informants for the FBI. challenging the lack of due process in placing travelers on the no-fly list.


In a statement Nihad Awad CAIR National Executive Director called on President Obama to review the disturbing new policy which denies American Muslims from their constitutional rights and due process of law.

He continued that the American Muslims strongly support law enforcement and the protection of national security adding as Americans, they also valued the civil rights of every individual.