NDP attests to election rigging
NDP attests to election rigging
Friday, July 2,2010 17:42

 Leading NDP official Ali Shams el Din acknowledged that election rigging did occur in the Shura Council elections although not in all the areas.  He added that for the first time, opposition candidates won nearly as many votes as their NDP counterparts.
Opposition figures however differed in opinion describing the polls as 'a bitter experience in electioneering'.

 The Muslim Brotherhood on its part failed to acquire seats despite enjoying much popularity on the streets. Although they participated and had much support their efforts were continually thwarted by security forces and numerous unjust detentions were made. Candidates however submitted appeals contesting the procedures. Human rights watch and Amnesty international also attested to the rigging and fabricated results maintaining that many irregularities were evident.

Referring to the Shura Council elections, Democratic Front Party Chairman Osama el-Ghazali Harb stated that electoral procedures were absent despite  the presence of elements in the election. Stating it was for this that his party boycotted the June elections since they believed it was illegitimate.