Mizan center calls on UN to end Israel's crimes of torture in Palestine
Mizan center calls on UN to end Israel's crimes of torture in Palestine
Sunday, June 27,2010 13:03

RAMALLAH, -- Al-Mizan center for human rights on Friday appealed to the UN to activate its convention against torture and put an end to Israel's crimes of torture in the occupied Palestinian lands.

In a statement on the international day against torture, Al-Mizan center highlighted that this occasion comes as Israel persists with impunity in its violations against the Palestinian prisoners in its jails, the families who try to visit their sons and daughters, the patients who hopelessly want to be admitted into West Bank hospitals, the fishermen and farmers who are attacked on a daily basis in the Gaza Strip.

It said that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have pursued, since the occupation of Palestinian lands in 1967, the policy of arbitrary detention in order to subdue the civilian population and used different torture means against them with the blessing of the Israeli higher court which allowed the internal intelligence Shin Bet to use what it described as a sensible amount of psychological and physical pressure against Palestinian prisoners.

It noted that Israel's laws still provide complete immunity for its interrogators who use torture means and ways against Palestinians who are detained for security reasons, although the UN committee against torture strongly condemned these laws.