Iranian, Jordanian sea and land aid convoys head to Gaza soon
Iranian, Jordanian sea and land aid convoys head to Gaza soon
Wednesday, June 23,2010 13:05

TEHRAN, -- The Iranian Red Crescent (IRC) plans to send 1100 tons of relief material to the Gaza Strip aboard a ship dubbed "A ship for Gaza children".

Abdulraouf Zada, an IRC official, said on Tuesday that the ship would set sail next Sunday, adding that the shipload comprises medicine, foodstuff, clothes for children, and toy.

He said that the ship would leave the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas heading to the Mediterranean, noting that only ten people would be on board the ship, five journalists and five volunteers.

The ship would take 14 days to reach the Gaza coast, Zada pointed out.

Meanwhile, the league of Sunna scholars chaired by Dr. Safwat Hijai announced that it would send an aid ship to be accompanied by religious scholars to Gaza that would depart from one of the European countries by mid July.

The Jordanian lifeline committee said in a press conference on Tuesday that it was preparing for Ansar-1 land convoy to Gaza that would start its trek on 12th of July.

It said that the convoy would carry with it construction materials in addition to other badly needed items such as medical equipment, medication, baby milk powder and other relief material.

The convoy would head from the Jordanian capital Amman to the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula then Gaza via the Rafah crossing.