MB and Wafd Party leaders meet with promises of future dialogue
MB and Wafd Party leaders meet with promises of future dialogue
Saturday, June 12,2010 20:41
Although there are minor differences in ideology both groups highlighted the significance of the support for the call for political amendments which necessitated free, fair and transparent elections ascertaining that all of Egypt will benefit if this is accomplished
Badie congratulated the newly elected Wafd leader Mr. Sayed Badawi. He  maintained that the Muslim Brotherhood endorsed the initiative for a united front by all political opposition  
to   cooperate and  restore the  freedom and dignity of Egypt and its people calling on the nation to come together and combat injustice, corruption and tyranny

He explained  that the Muslim Brotherhood advocated the notion of a  civilian government with an Islamic reference, objecting to allegations by some media that the MB discriminated Copts and women. He claimed  that the MB respected and appreciated the Copts who were part of Egypt. He added with regards to  women  the MB had previously fielded women candidates from the group in parliamentary elections stressing that they are a significant element in socitey
In response to a reporter's question about MB support for, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, Badie claimed that the MB bloc works in collaboration with any and all who work for Egypt 's interests
In turn Badawi, welcomed the visit emphasizing that relations between the Wafd Party and the Muslim Brotherhood goes back as far as 1928, asserting that both blocs represent Egypt's national heritage

He denied allegations that relations between the MB and the Wafd Party were tense and attributed differences to honest political competition, confirming that there has been no coordination with the group for the upcoming parliamentary elections
The meeting which ended amiably with promises of further dialogue included MB members   Dr. Essam el-Erian media spokesman and member of the executive Bureau, Saad Husseini, also a member of the executive bureau and a member of the MB parliamentary bloc, Mohammed Abdul Quddus from the Press syndicate's Freedoms Committee. The Wafd Party delegation included Dr. Mahmoud Al-Sakka, Bahaa Abu Shaqa, Mohammed Sarhan, and Taj al-Din Yassin