Judges discuss extension of retirement and Shura crisis
Judges discuss extension of retirement and Shura crisis
Sunday, June 6,2010 17:00

 The government has been trying to alter the retiring age to 72 rather than 70. Judges allege that the extension will benefit Chancellor Hossam el-Gheryani and Chancellor Ahmed Mekki; who are both deputy Presidents in the Cessation Court and are expected to retire soon

In the case of non extension, Mekki will become a member of the Judicial Supreme Council
Egypt’s Judges Club had warned that the NDP attempts to extend the age of retirement during the time of Zakaria Abdel Aziz would be disastrous
The government has repeatedly extended the age of retirement in 1998, 2000, 2001, 2005 and 2007. The initial retirement age was 60 and during the past ten years has been extended from 60 to 70
Al-Sharqiya's Judges Club condemned the Shura council’s elections, describing it as an embarrassing sham