MB's meeting with ElBaradei fruitful
MB's meeting with ElBaradei fruitful
Sunday, June 6,2010 04:20

The group offered its support for Elbaradei's bid for political modifications and changes to the constitution. The call for these changes which have become to be known as the 7 demands for change is nothing unusual where the group has continued to call for change through peaceful and tolerable means


The meeting and collaboration is rather new as most of Egypt's political opposition have chosen to keep away from major discussions with the group particularly as the ruling regime constantly aims at deterring their move


Both politicians agreed that the elections held early last week was evidence that Egypt's ruling regime still lacked the ability to run free and fair elections despite numerous assurances by NDP officials and the President himself. They believed that the continued rigging and oppression demonstrated during the run up to elections was a clear statement that the regime survived on corruption


Katatni ascertained that although the group's ideological views may have differed they agreed on political views hence the group would fully support ElBaradei's call for change. Both parties agreed that the first step would be the call for the elimination of the abhorred emergency law and the call for changes in the electoral procedure and the appointing of judicial supervision. They also called for the peaceful transition from a non-democratic regime to a democratic regime


For his part, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, maintained that the MB is a significant element in society which enjoys much popularity. He called for their movement to be recognized as a legitimate party especially as they have repeatedly called for a civilian state with Islamic regulations and references


It is expected the two will resume talks this coming Thursday, June 10 to discuss future collaboration and to plan the agenda for collecting signatures in support of ElBaradei’s campaign calling to change Egypt’s autocratic political system