MB calls on Arab rulers to unite and condemn Israel's attacks
MB calls on Arab rulers to unite and condemn Israel's attacks
Tuesday, June 1,2010 19:34

Morsy urged the Arab and Islamic regimes to seriously take a stance and protect Jerusalem , especially after the raids on the Freedom Flotilla by the Israeli occupation forces

The Muslim Brotherhood's main cause is to encourage support and armed resistance with the Palestinians. He noted that the MB has staged several gatherings today, and will continue their activities throughout the coming days to urge Egypt 's regime to take serious positions against the Israeli's aggression
Morsy maintained that the protests will continue in coordination with the Egyptian national powers in anti-Israeli protests in front of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry
He revealed that although Egypt 's Assistant Foreign Minister who met with their delegation promised to immediately intervene and speak with the Israeli occupation authorities it wasn't enough. Morsy  stated that the many promises must be turned into practical steps because people expect so much from their  rulers
The MB spokesman highlighted that the IOF understands  only the language of force and the Arabs must communicate with them in their language and exercise pressure against them. He called on the rulers to sever all ties cutting off their diplomatic relations with them, support armed resistance, open the Rafah crossing and expel the Israeli Ambassadors.
In a related context Morsy confirmed that PA Speaker Dr. Fathy Sorour promised he would intervene and ensure the safe return of MB MP Dr. Mohamed Beltagy and Hazem Farouk, who were on board the Freedom flotilla and detained by Israel 's forces. He asserted that they were not among the casualties and were both alive and well
Dr. Morsy questioned  the effective role of the United Nations and Arab governments adding that if the Arabs and Muslims truly united their political weight would truly resist the IOF
He stressed that the  people had every right to voice their distaste and condemn the Israeli military's oppression against the Muslims, activists and the peaceful Freedom Flotilla which was carrying humanitarian relief to the Gazans and should not be prevented from exercising their right to peaceful demonstration
Morsy claimed that it was high time the Arab regimes united and became as one with their people. He demanded the IOF be held accountable for the vicious massacre and urged the world to unite for this cause
Morsy concluded his speech ascertaining that the Brotherhood protests, demonstrations and conferences will continue on all levels and appeals will be filed and submitted to international courts condemning the IOF and its vicious crimes against the Palestinians.