MB Chairman: Violations in the Shura Council’s elections is beyond limits
MB Chairman: Violations in the Shura Council’s elections is beyond limits
Monday, May 31,2010 12:05

MB Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie stressed that the continued violations of the rights on the MB candidates regarding  the Shura elections and the non-implementation of the judicial rulings  resorting to security forces is a grave violation to the law and Constitution.

Using live ammunition against MB campaigners and their supporters has exceeded all redlines and reflects the true intention of the NDP to rig elections.


In the press conference held at the office of MB, Dr. Badie claimed that these are an indication of what will happen during elections. He called on civil society organizations, human rights organizations and the media to expose these violations and the regime's corruption and to adopt a serious stance regarding the incidents in the elections, in order to protect rights and freedoms.


Dr. Badie explained that MB candidates submitted a balanced and comprehensive program that provided practical solutions to many problems suffered by Egyptians, stressing that the MB is looking forward to a civil state with an Islamic background.


With regards to the motto “Islam is the Solution”, Dr. Badie stressed that it is a translation of Article 2 of the Constitution agreed on by all Egyptians from different trends and sects. It is also confirmed by the Egyptian judiciary to be legal and constitutional.


Dr. Badie highlighted that the MB will continue in their peaceful and reformist way, communicating with the mass. He called on the regime to adhere to the will of the people in order to achieve reform and to stand up to the US-Israeli project which aims at making the whole region insecure.


He also called on all Egyptians to be positive urging them to give their opinions honestly and choose whoever they wished to represent them.