Fierce confrontations between IOF troops and local residents in Silwan
Fierce confrontations between IOF troops and local residents in Silwan
Saturday, May 29,2010 20:18

Fierce confrontations broke out  on Thursday evening between local residents with the IOF troops in the occupied Jerusalem suburb of Silwan resulting in the wounding of 11 Palestinian residents, including two women, one of them pregnant and in a serious condition. The two women were hospitalised.

Eyewitnesses, from the suburb in which high tension prevails, said that the confrontations initially broke out between local residents of the suburb and Jewish settlers who usually raid and provoke the Palestinian residents of the suburb. The confrontations extended and the Israeli occupation police and border guard intervened causing an escalation of the confrontations.

Local residents say that the reason behind such confrontations is a settlement outpost in the suburb called the house of Yuntan, whose guards opened fire heavily towards the Palestinian residents.

Meanwhile, settlers from Beit Eil pitched two tents on lands belonging to  villagers from the village Dura al-qare' as a preliminary step to confiscating more land belonging to the residents of the village.

Local sources said that the Beit Eil settlement was built on land stolen from the villages of Dura al-Qare', Beitein, Ein Yabroud and the city of al-Beireh.

The sources also report and intensification of settler activities in the area as part of the overall settlers campaign of hostility in the West Bank.