IOF soldiers wound Palestinian worker, start war games
IOF soldiers wound Palestinian worker, start war games
Monday, May 24,2010 12:08

GAZA,  A 19-year-old Palestinian workers was shot and injured when Israeli occupation forces (IOF) opened fire at him north of Beit Lahia in northern Gaza Strip on Sunday.

Medical sources said that Mohammed Saadallah's wounds were moderate.

Witnesses reported that the IOF soldiers opened fired at Palestinian laborers while collecting stones and pebbles of destroyed buildings.

The IOF soldiers routinely target those workers to block their work regardless of the fact that the shooting might lead to killing some of them.

Meanwhile, the IOF command on Sunday launched the biggest war games and maneuvers for the home front that would last for five days.

The IOF codenamed the military exercises "Turning point – 4" and would simulate confronting a multi-offensive on the Hebrew state including the simultaneous firing of missiles from Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza Strip.