Palestinian prisoners in Hawara jail on hunger strike
Palestinian prisoners in Hawara jail on hunger strike
Monday, May 24,2010 11:38

NABLUS,  The Palestinian prisoner's committee said that the prisoners in Hawara prison went on hunger strike in protest at the harsh incarceration conditions and harassment from Israeli soldiers.

The committee affirmed the prisoners complained about the poor food served to them, the poor ventilation, the scarcity of water, not providing them with clothes, depriving them of family visits, the medical neglect, and the constant harassment they are exposed to by Israeli soldiers.

For its part, the international Tadamun (solidarity) society for human rights said that Israeli interrogators often use different illegal ways to extract information from Palestinian prisoners in order to indict them and justify their detention for longer periods.

In a press release on Sunday, the society cited as evidence that Israeli jailers in the Jalama prison refused to provide prisoner Mohamed Abu Shelbaya, who suffer severe pains at the bottom of his back, with medical treatment unless he makes confessions against himself and gives information that satisfy them.

Ahmed Al-Beitawi, a researcher at the society, affirmed that the Israel interrogators also use other ways with prisoners such as threatening to administratively detain them and fabricating false files against them if they did not confess.

Beitawi added that the prisoners are also deprived of receiving visits from lawyers and representatives of the Red Cross and human rights organizations for 90 days extendable .

In a new development, the Israeli government declared its intention to sanction a law on Sunday that gives it the right to tighten the punitive measures against the Palestinian prisoners affiliated with Hamas in its jails in order to force their Movement to soften its position regarding the file of soldier Gilad Shalit.

The Hebrew radio reported that the ministerial committee for legislation will approve today a law that will enable Israel to deprive Hamas prisoners of their rights, especially their right to family visits.