Aqsa preacher: Al-Bustan zone an integral part of O. Jerusalem
Aqsa preacher: Al-Bustan zone an integral part of O. Jerusalem
Sunday, May 23,2010 18:08

Preacher of the Aqsa Mosque Sheikh Ikrima Sabri stated that Al-Bustan neighborhood, which was established thousands of years ago, is part and parcel of the occupied city of Jerusalem and has nothing to do with the Jewish people.

In his Friday Khutba (sermon) in Silwan town, Sheikh Sabri said that since head of the municipal council in Jerusalem Nir Barakat took office one year and a half ago, and the decisions to displace the Arab residents and demolish their homes have been issued relentlessly.

“The achievements of the new municipal head are represented in demolition, vandalism and displacement instead of building schools and hospitals, and improving services for the Arab population; he has come to declare war on them,” the Aqsa Mosque preacher charged.

“It is a devilish and aggressive strategic plan aimed at reducing the percentage of Arabs in Jerusalem city and increasing, in return, the Jewish population; it is also intended for barricading Jerusalem.

He pointed out in his speech that there is a network of tunnels below Silwan extending to the Aqsa Mosque from the southern side, the thing which endangers the structure of the Mosque.