IOA to start razing Bustan suburb within days
IOA to start razing Bustan suburb within days
Wednesday, May 19,2010 09:40

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM,  The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) is preparing all necessary crews and equipment to start razing Palestinian homes in the Bustan suburb in occupied Jerusalem within the few coming days, Fakhri Abu Diyab, member of Silwan committee, said.

He told the Quds media center that he was telephoned on Monday night by the Israeli official in charge of eastern Jerusalem in the Israeli-controlled municipality to tell him that demolishing the entire suburb was a matter of time and describing the measure as "inevitable" regardless of local and international pressures.

Abu Diyab quoted the official as saying that the municipality fixed 15th June as the final date before starting the demolition process and that the municipal teams had finalized preparations for the event after the inhabitants refused the municipality's schemes and decisions.

The Silwan committee member said that the inhabitants refuse all occupation plans, describing the issue as "very serious".

Abu Diyab said that the countdown had started, but warned the occupation municipality that the inhabitants would resist the demolition with their bare hands.

He said, "We will pay the price for defending Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque", noting that demolishing the suburb, adjacent to the Aqsa Mosque and part of the Silwan town, would pave the way for the Israeli occupation to control the holy site.