Sit-in outside British gov’t building on Nakba anniversary
Sit-in outside British gov’t building on Nakba anniversary
Monday, May 17,2010 13:45

LONDON, On the 62nd anniversary of the Nakba (catastrophe), the Palestinian Forum in Britain organized at noon Saturday a set-in outside 10 Downing Street in London in cooperation with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the British Muslim initiative, Stop the War Coalition and the CND.

Representatives of institutions and prominent figures handed a letter to new British premier David Cameron demanding his government to work on ending the occupation and stop Israeli violations against international law.

Spokesman for the Forum Zahir Al-Beirawi said the Palestinians’ commemoration of this painful occasion is aimed at emphasizing their adherence to the national rights, especially the right of return and reminding the world of Israel’s crimes against them.

Beirawi called on premier Cameron to take a bold position that contributes to correcting the historical mistake made against the Palestinians by Britain and putting an end to the injustice having been inflicted on them for 62 years.

In a related context, a massive march was organized on the same day to mark the Nakba anniversary in occupied Jerusalem with the participation of national and religious figures from the holy city and the 1948 occupied lands amid tight Israeli security measures.

The participants waved Palestinian flags and carried banners highlighting the Arab and Islamic identity of the holy city and condemning the policy of ethnic cleansing pursued by Israel against them.