Opposition objects to emergency law renewal
Opposition objects to emergency law renewal
Monday, May 10,2010 17:32

A demonstration is scheduled to be held in front of parliament Tuesday in protest to the extension of the 'emergency law' which has been in force since 1981.


The law which has been imposed since Mubarak's coming into power has empowered state security to practise gross violations to the rights guaranteed by the Egyptian Constitution. Violations to personal freedom such as those stipulated in article 41, including, the inviolability of private homes, freedom of movement and residence, have been imposed on many opposition namely the Muslim Brotherhood.


Hamdy Hassan from the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc ascertained that they will rally with other opposition groups who call for the elimination of the law. The law has continued to be renewed every three years despite opposition. However Hassan asserted 'We will do our best to curb its renewal and will not go down without a fight.


MP's are expected to vote for or against its renewal however  it is apparent that the government has already decided in favour of the law despite international criticism of its implementing of the law.