El-Baradei's US visit too candid
El-Baradei's US visit too candid
Friday, May 7,2010 18:49

 The two week visit was initially arranged for lectures to be delivered on the IAEA's role in inhibiting nuclear arms; however the Noble Peace prize laureate grabbed the opportunity to discuss the issue of political and constitutional reform with Egyptian expatriates and address Americans about political reform and change in Egypt and the Arab world.


El-Baradei explained that his return to Egypt has been productive where he has been engaged in several meetings with opposition including the Muslim Brotherhood bloc who is widely popular in Egypt. He described his meetings as amiable and has joined their call for constitutional amendments which stipulates modifications to articles 76, 77 and 88. He maintained that the Muslim Brotherhood should be allowed to participate in political life so long as they conformed to regulations.


El-Baradei expressed disappointment in the US administration's indifference to human rights violations describing them as 'turning a blind eye'. His visit to the United States included numerous press interviews giving him opportunity to promote his ideas. He met with NDP representative and business tycoon Ahmed Ezz General Secretary for the NDP, in an interview and Saaedin Ibrahim the Egyptian-American sociologist who saluted El-Baradei and supported his views for reform.


During an interview with CNN EL-Baradei reiterated that his primary goal was not to run for presidency but to see Egypt make a genuine shift towards democracy. A democracy which has long been forgotten.