American-Israeli agreement on ignoring Jerusalem issue
American-Israeli agreement on ignoring Jerusalem issue
Thursday, May 6,2010 17:17

WASHINGTON, -- Senior advisor to the American president, David Axelrod, said that Washington and Tel Aviv have decided to delay the discussion on Jerusalem at the current stage of indirect talks between Israel and the PA in Ramallah.

He told Israeli journalists in Washington that an understanding was reached between the two governments, adding that president Barack Obama had agreed that the Jerusalem issue could not be discussed at first.

He explained that the question of Jerusalem would be the last thing to be discussed in the negotiations in view of its sensitive nature, adding that the borders issue would gain priority.

An Israeli member of the Knesset (parliament) proposed giving up a number of Arab suburbs in eastern Jerusalem so that the Palestinians would declare their capital in them.

The Islamic Jihad movement lashed out at the indirect negotiations between the Ramallah authority and Israel, adding in a statement on Wednesday that the resumption of those talks did not enjoy Arab or Palestinian unanimity.

Jihad feared that the talks would lead to more concessions and compromises of Arab rights, opining that the talks would be of no benefit to the Palestinian people.