Palestinian minister of detainees holds Israel responsible for death of Zedat
Palestinian minister of detainees holds Israel responsible for death of Zedat
Monday, May 3,2010 13:45

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, -- Palestinian minister of prisoners’ affairs Mohamed Al-Ghoul held the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) fully responsible for the death of cancer patient Fayez Zedat, an ex-detainee in its jails.

In a press release on Saturday, Ghoul said the IOA deliberately did not provide Zedat with appropriate medical treatment at an earlier stage of his cancer which later spread throughout his body until he was released in June last year after he reached the brink of death.

“The occupation intentionally leaves imprisoned patients without treatment until diseases take hold in their bodies and kill them without mercy,” the minister stressed.

He appealed to concerned international organizations to urgently move to follow up the health conditions of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, noting that there are more than 1,600 patients in prison, 16 of them suffer from cancer.

The minister also pointed out that the IOA blackmails patients in its jails through offering them to receive medical treatment abroad in exchange for accepting to be exiled from Palestine.

In a related incident, Hamas-affiliated prisoner Mazen Fuqaha appealed to human rights organizations to intervene to put an end to his health suffering in light of the deliberate medical neglect policy pursued against detainees in Israeli jails.

Prisoner Fuqaha told his family that he suffers from a deviation in his left eye, burning eyes, severe migraine, and ongoing stomachache.

He called for necessarily sending specialist doctors to see his medical condition and pressuring the IOA to stop the slow death sentence issued against him, affirming that the prison authority uses the policy of medical neglect as a delayed death sentence against prisoners.