Opposition groups final discussions before Shura nominations
Opposition groups final discussions before Shura nominations
Monday, May 3,2010 13:32

Tagammu Leftist Party is scheduled to meet May 8, to discuss the necessary measures needed for funding the upcoming Shura elections. The party has raised its number of potential candidates to 12, after it had formerly intended to nominate 9.


The party will also discuss whether they will continue their cooperation with other groups mainly the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB has also been engaged in discussion with other opposition groups, in an attempt to unite the call for political reform in the form of constitutional amendments and modification in the country's policy. Other meetings have also taken place with the former IAEA Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei who has emerged onto the political arena after his return to Egypt .


Speculations are abundant as to the synchronizing with the Nobel Peace winner and other opposition as talks have appeared to be amiable with all. It is without doubt that the recent events in Egypt have sparked controversy as to the true democracy of the country. With the upcoming elections state security have launched continuous arrest campaigns targeting mainly the Muslim Brotherhood bloc who are the largest opposition group, since they have proved to be an influential element in the Egyptian street