Israeli forces, use martyrs' organs as human spare parts
Israeli forces, use martyrs' organs as human spare parts
Saturday, May 1,2010 05:56

The Prisoner of War Commission for the National and Islamic Forces have reported, that the bodies of martyrs held by the Israeli entity are being used as human spare parts and for medical experiments.

In a recent press conference, the commission called for the establishment of an association for the families of martyrs and missing family members to impose any necessary legal, diplomatic, and prevalent pressure in order to bring back the bodies, bury and honor them.

Rafiq Muslim, from the Prisoners of War’s Committee, maintained that the reports publishing the numbers of graves indicate that there is no respect to the sanctity of humans.  Bodies are being buried in graves less than a meter deep, making them vulnerable.

He added that the Israeli Occupation authority continue to detain the bodies of martyrs to collectively punish their families. The holding back of the bodies, and hiding facts and numbers, indicate that the occupation has executed a large number of prisoners of war after arresting them.