MB delegation to meet with Ghad Party representatives
MB delegation to meet with Ghad Party representatives
Monday, April 26,2010 08:20
While the mounting tension in the country increases, leaders of the  Muslim Brotherhood continue to convene with  political opposition  in an effort to solve the current situation through common grounds.
A delegation from the MB is expected to meet Monday April 26, with leaders from the Ghad party, led by   its founder Dr. Ayman Nour. The MB will endeavor to create a coalition with the opposition to unite the request for reform and work on offering alternatives to all the problems seen in society. With the political awakening evidenced by public strikes and other issues including elections, most opposition have agreed with the MB's initiative and the significance of political reform.
MP Saad El-Husseini from the MB executive bureau will head the delegation which includes Dr. Ahmed Diab  deputy secretary general of the parliamentary bloc,  Dr. Hamdi Hassan assistant secretary general and Ali Abdul Fattah. It is expected  that high on the discussion list will be the call for political reform including demands for free elections and the annulling of the 'emergency law'. The meeting will also include dialogue about the ruling party's monopoly of power where sadly the government has forgotten its role to be a means to and end but has rather become an end in itself, lacking to contribute to the citizen's welfare.