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Egypt charges MB members abroad with money laundering
Egypt charges MB members  abroad with money laundering
Thursday, April 22,2010 22:19

In what has come to be the standard method of the ruling regime against MB members, public prosecution once again leveled outrageous charges against the group. This time charges were aimed at members abroad including 4 Egyptians and for the first time in history a Saudi Arabian preacher  


Orders were issued by Chancellor Abdul Magid Mahmoud, to transfer the 5 alleged members in the "International networking" case to an Egyptian State Security Emergency Court .  Money laundering and raising funds abroad for an outlawed group were among the charges


The defendants include Assistant Secretary-General of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate Dr. Ashraf Abdul-Ghafar, Egyptian Islamic preacher Wagdy Ghoneim in Yemen , Saudi Arabian preacher Awad Mohamed Al-Qarni, Egyptian Ibrahim Munir Mustafa, and Businessman Dr. Osama Mohamed Suleiman and Saudi Arabian preacher Awad al-Qarni