MB MPs and opposition call for MP's stripping of immunity
MB MPs and opposition call for MP's stripping of immunity
Wednesday, April 21,2010 16:48

The MP had unethically called on police forces to 'open live fire' on protestors stressing that the Interior Ministry was 'too lenient' on demonstrators.

Over 150 members from all trends including members from the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, Kefaya, April 6 youths, and Egyptian Women for change urged PA speaker Dr. Fathy Sorour to take away immunity from the offending NDP MP's and have them tried.

Leading opposition members including Mohamed el-Beltagui, secretary general for the Muslim Brotherhood bloc, independent MP Gamal Zahran, and Ayman Nour, former president of the Ghad Party, also presented an official appeal to Sorour calling on him to strip the MP's parliamentary immunity.

Although article 360 of the People Assembly's regulations stipulates that any MP who has incriminating evidence or offences presented against them should be stripped of their immunity MB MP Hamdy Hassan doubts that this will be implicated. He maintained that the ruling NDP hold the majority of the seats thus doubting that any action against El-Qassas and Abu Aqrab will be taken.