MB Parliamentary bloc rejects use of deadly force against protestors
MB Parliamentary bloc rejects use of deadly force against protestors
Wednesday, April 21,2010 07:28


The Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc expressed its deep concern after statements made by some members of parliament during a joint meeting between Human Rights Commission and the Commission of National Security and Defence in Parliament suggesting use of deadly force against peaceful opposition protestors.


The MB reiterates its complete rejection of these statements made by some members from the National Democratic Party (NDP), and opposes the use of deadly force against protestors by security forces under any circumstances. The use of harsh measures against protestors threatens to escalate violent confrontations with security forces, and there should be no justification of such measurs to oppress freedom of expression.


Even petty claims that the law allows the government to do so, (given that this law was set during the British Occupation of Egypt) should not be enforced since Egypt is suposed to be a free country, governed by its people.


The MB condemns the stance of the majority of MPs who advocated these actions rather than holding those responsible accountable.  The MP should have instead withdrawn the confidence appointed to the Interior Minister and called for his trial for what his forces had done.  The shedding of blood of peaceful Egyptians and assaults against them must be investigated and must be stopped.


Threatening to open fire on protesters and the support of the NDP MPs are new political practices which the NDP supports; contrary to its testimonials which state that the NDP is against violence and only recognizes democracy as means to practicing governance. This can only be proved with actions and not only words since it is they who are in power.


Having different parties, trends, and movements uniting and organizing peaceful protests with appeals to amend the Constitution is not illegal. Having peaceful  protests with national, political or social demands condemning the means and policies used by the ruling party and its government while submitting demands and recommendations for the competent authorities is not also illegal, but is a right provided in all conventions and covenants , as well as the Egyptian Constitution itself.


The use of force by the Interior Ministry against peaceful protestors is an illegal act which should be opposed strongly through all peaceful means. Moreover, the use of special undercover forces is another crime and  perpetrators should be held liable. Shooting at peaceful protestors is a crime punishable by law. It is prohibited by all international conventions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which was signed and ratified by Egypt.


“We are extremely regretful that the MPs which people have trusted and voted for, have adopted this stance. We the MB consider this to be even worse than the intolerable drug trafficking MPs or even the MPs which have looted the country's lands and money”.


Being representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc, we strongly oppose and condemn the attitude adopted by the Ministry of Interior and the NDP MPs against peaceful Egyptian protestors. We totally support and stand in solidarity with any individuals who wish to express their opinions, stances and principles through any legal and constitutional mean.



Dr. Mohamed Saad ElKatatny


Head of the MB Parliamentary Bloc