Protesters object to MP's call to open fire on demonstrators
Protesters object to MP's call to open fire on demonstrators
Wednesday, April 21,2010 05:24

Angry demonstrators rallied Tuesday to express their anger after a  parliament representative suggested security forces open fire on pro-reform demonstrators during a parliamentary session.

Opposing factors from all trends including the Muslim Brotherhood, Kefaya, and April 6 Movement organized the campaign which called for constitutional amendments and the annulling of the emergency law.

 Mohamed El-Beltagy from the MB parliamentary bloc slammed the call describing NDP MP Qassas's statement as 'a crime' and 'incitement to murder'. Ayman Nour leader for the opposition Ghad Party urged that the MP's immunity be lifted and that he be held accountable in court.

Human rights group, Amnesty International criticized the deputy's remarks stressing that the call was a blatant encouragement to potential and illegal murder of innocent protestors who were peacefully exercising their right to freedom of expression.

The group called on Egypt 's parliament to perform its duty and defend the rights of the citizens who had initially voted for them not condone brutality.