Bardawil: The security doctrine of Abbas’s militias is to protect Israel’s secur
Bardawil: The security doctrine of Abbas’s militias is to protect Israel’s secur
Monday, April 19,2010 08:21

GAZA, -- Dr. Salah Al-Bardawil, the spokesman for Hamas’s parliamentary bloc, said Saturday that the doctrine which Mahmoud Abbas’s security apparatuses is based upon is represented in protecting Israel’s security and eliminating the Palestinian resistance in order to get in return personal privileges.

These remarks were made after an Israeli report revealed that the security cooperation with Abbas’s militias (security apparatuses) last year have risen by 72 percent compared to 2008.

Dr. Bardawil added that this report did not reveal something new about the security collaboration with the Israeli occupation.

The Hamas lawmaker underlined that the security entrepreneurship which Abbas’s militias are engaged in to serve Israel’s security is intended for gaining some personal advantages from Israel such as facilitating the flow of money to the Palestinian Authority (PA) as well as the travel of Abbas and his entourage in addition to other privileges. 

The lawmaker noted that the violations committed against the West Bank people especially those affiliated with Hamas are Israeli measures carried out by proxy by Abbas’s militias under the command of US officer Keith Dayton, adding that these actions are part of the roadmap plan.

In a related incident, Abbas’s militias on Sunday kidnapped two Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas and summoned many others in Awarta village in Nablus.

The Israeli intelligence apparatus in Hawara military post also summoned dozens of ex-detainees in Nablus after the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) raided their homes during the last two days.