Two prisoners wounded during attack in Ofer jail
Two prisoners wounded during attack in Ofer jail
Sunday, April 18,2010 01:49

Two Palestinian prisoners were transferred to hospital after Israeli special military units stormed and ransacked on Friday the “national unity” section in Ofer prison shared by both Hamas and Fatah detainees.

Director of Ahrar center for prisoners’ studies Fouad Al-Khafsh explained that the units of Metsada, Dror and Nahshon which are specialized in suppressing detainees attacked without prior notice the prisoners in one of the Ofer prison’s wards which led to the injury of two prisoners.

Khafsh said that the aggressive attack on the section caused a state of tension and anger among the prisoners who were on full alert and threatened to escalate if the units did not withdraw immediately, adding that after the withdrawal, the prison administration decided to deprive the prisoners in rooms eight and nine from family visits for one month.

He noted that these violations against prisoners took place one day after Penny, the director of the Israeli prison authority, and Gizon, the director of the southern district, met with representative of Ofer prisoners and hopelessly tried to dissuade them from joining the hunger strike, which the other prisons declared, through promising them special privileges.

The human rights activists added that Penny and Gizon threatened the representatives of prisoners with punitive measures as long as they insisted on participating in the hunger strike.

In a separate incident, the Palestinian prisoner committee reported that the Israeli intelligence refused to release a Palestinian prisoner affiliated with Islamic Jihad Movement called Nezal Soman despite the fact that he completed his sentence.

The committee said that Israeli intelligence officers attempted to blackmail the prisoner into accepting to be exiled from Palestine or staying in administrative detention for ever, but the prisoner told them he prefers to be in prison for the rest of his life to accepting exile.