Monofeya MPs unite with students in front of Parliament
Monofeya MPs unite with students in front of Parliament
Sunday, April 18,2010 20:58

Representatives from the MB parliamentary bloc participated in a rally with Monofeya students. Over 100 students from the Monofeya University organized the protest in front of Parliament condemning the dismissal and arrest of dozens of their colleagues from the Faculty of Engineering at the Monofeya University .

Students held banners condemning security arbitration against them reading “no to the arrest of  students”, “no to dismissing students” and “yes to security out of university”, “trials for involved police".

MB MP Ashraf Badr el-Din, told Ikhwanweb that the protest was in response to the arrest and threats, of dozens of students from the university as well as the harassing of female students by security officers in the university.

He emphasized the importance of releasing detained students and ending investigations with other students. Badr el-Din called for the prosecution of the policemen responsible who violated the sanctity of the university and the harassments of female students there.