Sayel: Egyptian natural gas is the best solution to Gaza power crisis
Sayel: Egyptian natural gas is the best solution to Gaza power crisis
Saturday, April 17,2010 23:15

GAZA,  Director of Palestine electricity company Walid Sayel on Wednesday called on Egypt to provide Gaza power station with natural gas as the optimal radical solution to the crisis.

Sayel warned that the escalating power crisis in Gaza resulting from the depletion of industrial diesel used to operate electricity generators could lead to a comprehensive humanitarian disaster, suggesting that providing Gaza with Egyptian gas could end this crisis.

He noted that the Egyptian gas is better than industrial diesel for it is cost-effective and environment-friendly.

The company official stressed the need for sparing Gaza citizens any political conflicts or narrow agendas and taking into account the humanitarian side of the crisis, affirming that his company will keep its contacts with all parties to reach a solution in this regard.

The official appealed to the international community, the UN and human rights organizations to urgently intervene to pressure the European Union (EU) to resume financing directly Gaza needs of fuel supplies used for the power station.

The EU had denied it stopped funding the fuel shipments sent to Gaza power station and said it has been channeling the fuel money to the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah.