Gaza power station partially operates
Gaza power station partially operates
Monday, April 12,2010 20:17

The Gaza electricity company announced that the power generation station has been partially operating after limited quantities of fuel reached the Strip afternoon Sunday.

Director of the company's public relations department Jamal Al-Dardasawi told the PIC that his company operated only one generator, out of the four in the station, that would generate 30 Megawatt per hour.

He said that the quantity does not meet the citizens' needs in Gaza, and the partial functioning of the station does not mean that the current crisis was over.

Dardasawi said that his company would now supply 8 hours of electricity instead of 6 to be followed by 10 hours of blackout.

For its part, the agriculture ministry in Gaza said that the agricultural sector was threatened with complete paralysis as a result of the electricity crisis.

The ministry in a statement on Sunday said that the crisis led to the stoppage of more than 3,000 water wells and a halt to chicken breeding in poultry farms.

It pointed out that electricity cutoff would affect vegetable storage facilities, diaries, canning factories, agricultural workshops, veterinary warehouses and pharmacies and other facilities.

The ministry urged the European Union, international organizations, human rights groups and friends of the Palestinian people to exert all efforts possible to save Gaza Strip from death and disasters.