House Arrest For Bedridden Helwan MB Leader
House Arrest For Bedridden Helwan MB Leader
Friday, February 16,2007 00:00

The state security forces have imposed a house arrest on Adel Abdullah, a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Helwan, south of Cairo, since Thursday morning Feb. 15, 2007.
A security force arrested Adel Abdullah as part of Thursday sweep that included 78 Muslim Brotherhood leaders nationwide.
The detentions are a part of an ongoing crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood in order to prevent it from filed candidates in the elections Shura Council (upper chamber of Parliament) scheduled next April and to pass the notorious constitutional amendments proposed by president Mubarak aiming at curbing freedoms in addition to being a curtain raiser for preparing the file of Tawreeth (hereditary transfer of power from Mubarak Sr. to Mubarak Jr.).
They found Adel Abdullah bedridden after having a serious surgery that made him unable to move. Instead of leaving him to recover, they have imposed a house arrest on him since 1.00 AM on Thursday until now and all attempts to cancel the arrest warrant failed.

A heavy security force has been assigned with besieging the house of this seriously ill MB leader on groundless charges.

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