MB and opposition parties support demonstrations victims
MB and opposition parties support demonstrations victims
Tuesday, April 6,2010 20:28
A number of MPs from the Muslim Brotherhood Palriamentary bloc and independent MPs organized a protest in front of the Shura Council today condemning the security attacks against political activists who called for constitutional amendements.
Secrity forces arrested activists who chanted slogans condemenning the regime and the brutality of its security services such as "long live Egypt", "down down to the failed systedm" "free and independent life for Egypt".
MB Mohamed Elbelltagy, of the Brotherhood parliamentary bloc told "ikhwanweb": "this kind of brutality used against activists who call for reform is a crime", stressing that the stsyem is living in a state of fear of any demands for freedom and democracy.
He added "attacking young men and girls this way shows the contradiction of the system in dealing with political demands, as the system itself organizes social emonstrations to promote itself as a democratic regime which accepts the opinion of the other; however, today's demo exposed it before the whole world".
Dr. Hamdy Hassan, of the Brotherhood palrimantary bloc, stated that today's demo exposed the weakness of the the system which did not give youth- even for minutes- the chance to express their opinions. He pointed out that security forces at the demo were only means to express the strength of the system against the "casltes of freedoms", the People's Assembley and Shura Council.
Dr. Abdel Galeel Mostafa, former Co-ordinator of Kefaya Movement, stressed that these barbaric acts against our sons is a crime against Egypt and security services should focus more on arresting criminals instead of the honorable youth in Egypt.