ElBaradei takes his campaign on the road
ElBaradei takes his campaign on the road
Friday, April 2,2010 18:20

After Friday prayers the former chief met with members from all opposing political trends, parties and movements  including the MB. Recently a MB delegation had met with ElBaradei but they have not as yet publicized their full support on account that his agenda is yet to be fully assessed. However MB MP and media spokesmen Saad el Katatni had previously informed that they may support him as individuals. Although no riot police were deployed 'thugs' were successful in barring ElBaradei from praying in one of the city's larger mosques.

Last year, ElBaradei had maintained that if the necessary political amendments were made in the Constitution he may nominate himself for the presidency stressing that "only if a fair vote is guaranteed". His publication was welcomed by many opposition and youth activists, who started campaigning for him online opposing Mubarak who has been in power for over 30 years and is grooming his son Gamal to assume power despite denials by both father and son.
ElBaradei's call for political amendments includes the entailing of a two term limit on the Presidency and instilling judicial supervision over elections to guarantee free, fair, and transparent elections. The MB supports this stressing that high time has come that elections be characterized with integrity and not fraud. They also called on him to address the Palestinian issue.
ElBaradei's supporters have been collecting signatures in an attempt to pressure the government to accept the amendment proposals. Although Mubarak has claimed that ElBaradei was welcome to candidacy 'as long as he adhered to the constitution' his adage 'Egypt doesn't need a hero' illustrates that maybe ElBaradei isn't really all that welcome.