Egypt: 2 Behira MBs Arrested
Egypt: 2 Behira MBs Arrested
Monday, February 19,2007 00:00

Two Muslim Brotherhood members surrendered to the Egyptian police following the continuous state security manhunt over groundless charges.
Engineer Osama Solaiman and Mr. Essam Al Gharabawi surrendered to the state security in El-Behira, north of Cairo, and the prosecution investigated with them on Sunday after the security services tried to arrest them during the last few weeks among seven Behira Muslim Brotherhood members who were detained a month ago.
Mr Sami Ayyad, a third wanted MB, surrendered a few days ago and was jailed for 15 days pending investigations.
For his part, Dr. Gamal Heshmat, a Muslim Brotherhood leader and an ex-MP, said that Osama Solaiman and Essam Al Gharabawi surrendered to the state security because the State Security Police has been continuously hunting them; so they preferred to surrender although they haven’t committed any crime for all this manhunt.
Heshmat says that the Egyptian regime confirms every day its intention to return the file of reforms back to square one.
It’s worth mentioning that the Egyptian tyrannical regime’s escalating and continuous crackdowns against the Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders and members aim at curbing the activities of the group, the biggest opposition group in parliament, ahead of the next April Shura Council elections; these oppressive crackdowns aim also at stopping the MB opposition to the proposed constitutional amendments that may curb freedoms and to pass the file of Tawreeth, a hereditary transfer of power from Mubarak Sr. to Mubarak Sr..

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