Egyptian government is questioned on the disappearance of LE 1272 billion
Egyptian government is questioned on the disappearance of LE 1272 billion
Tuesday, March 30,2010 22:21

MP Ashraf Badr Eldeen, of the Brotherhood's parliamentary bloc, submitted a question to the Prime Minister on the report of the Central Accountancy Agency (CAA) questioning the disappearance of LE 1272 billion in 30 June 2009 from the balance sheet of the state’s administrative body on the financial year 2008/2009.


The MP disclosed that irregularities of the same year included LE 3955 million spent on publication, advertising, bonuses to some officers assigned by other bodies, preparing conference halls and offices and purchasing of land.
He stressed that some financial officials had retained some of the amounts without noting it in the expenditures and that the funds collected from donations were not being spent on the purposes it was collected for, in violation of law NO. 53 of 1973 on the state’s budget.

Badr Eldeen accused the government of wasting public funds, and insisting on having a secret budget that is almost four times the budget of the state in violation of the Constitution and law. This has ultimately led to widespread unemployment, increase in poverty rates, increase in budget deficit, increase of public debt, decline in the level of services and little expenditure on public investments such as health, education, and housing and transportation sectors.


This is considered as a threat to the Egyptian national security which led Egypt to being in a lower ranking order socially and economically.