Thousands march in Rafah, Damascus in solidarity with Jerusalem
Thousands march in Rafah, Damascus in solidarity with Jerusalem
Sunday, March 28,2010 13:08

RAFAH, -- Thousands of citizens participated in a massive rally organized by Hamas Movement in Rafah city, south of the Gaza Strip, on Friday afternoon in solidarity with occupied Jerusalem and the Islamic holy shrines.

Senior Hamas official Mansour Breik called during the march on the Arab summit in Libya to take serious positions protecting the Islamic holy places in Palestine and to adopt a resolution to support the resistance option.

He urged the Arab and Muslim countries to officially announce the boycott of Israeli products.

The Syrian capital Damascus also witnessed on Friday afternoon a massive march in support of Jerusalem and its people and in protest at the Israeli violations against the Islamic holy shrines in Palestine.

In a related development, the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) on Friday turned Jerusalem city into a military base and imposed tight security measures on the movement of Palestinian citizens in all areas especially in the Old City and the vicinity of the Aqsa Mosque in anticipation for any clashes that might break out after the prayers.