Ousted Islamonline's employees launch new website.
Ousted Islamonline's employees launch new website.
Friday, March 26,2010 12:05

The Doha-based website had been facing problems after Qatar's Social Affairs Minister expelled not only the 350 employees but also Yusuf Qaradawi who was head of the Qatar's Al-Balagh Society. It was reported that Al-Balagh Society had decided to relocate the website's head office from Cairo to Qatar without notifying the Egyptian staff beforehand. The dismissal came as a surprise and all employees have held sit-in strikes condemning the move.

Striking office staff members were supported by prominent public figures, which also condemned Qaradawi's ousting despite his former statement that the problem would be solved.  Authors Fahmi Huweidi, and journalists Amr Shobaki and Diaa Rashwan and also expressed  their disappointment in addition to a Coptic delegation

 The new website which is to be launched aims at promoting "moderate" Islam.

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