People Voted For The MB and Gov’t Should Give Them Chance
People Voted For The MB and Gov’t Should Give Them Chance
Tuesday, February 20,2007 00:00

Egyptian Actor Nour Al Sherif said that the history of the Muslim Brotherhood is clear and that it targeted in the past, only  occupiers.
The great Egyptian actor, Nour Al Sherif, said that banning the exercise of political activities inside universities led to a retreat in the intellectual movement, and a retreat in literature, art, sport and theatre during the last twenty years, calling on the government to allow students to exercise politics inside the university.
Al Sherif added during the seminar "Art and Progress of Society", organized by the Educational Media department at the College of Specific Education, Tanta University, north of Cairo, that the extremist groups that entered the university with a government nod, gave a death blow to various activities in all universities, and that one of the affected activities was the university theatre that spawned great actors for the world of entertainment.
Nour Al Sherif demanded the government to give a chance to the Muslim Brotherhood group, confirming that the groups’ MPs garnered seats in the last legislative lections through a popular choice, and the government should respect people’s choice .
The Muslim Brotherhood’s history isn’t embellished with any oppression; said Nour.
The reputed Egyptian actor denounced the reactions towards the cartoons offending Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and considered them overblown, specially that they took place four months later.
He criticized also the government’s performance during the crisis of the ferry that sank in the Red Sea, seeing it as a passive role due to lacking transparency, criticizing the slow investigations and that wrongdoers must be quickly given a fair punishment.
He pointed out also that Egyptian education needs another "Rectification Movement", calling for reconsidering student admissions at universities, so that they enter the university, not just according to the grade, but also according to choice, desire and abilities like the developed countries.
Nour Al Sherif is a well-known Egyptian leading star who is widely popular all over the Arab countries. He has acted in many movies and soap operas.