Hundreds demonstrate against visit of Barkat to London.
Hundreds demonstrate against visit of Barkat to London.
Tuesday, March 23,2010 23:21

Around 300 demonstrators of different nationalities held a protest rally in front of Chatham House in downtown London against the visit of Nir Barkat, the Jewish mayor of Jerusalem.

Ahmad Al Turk, spokesperson of the Palestinian Forum in the U.K., said that the protestors were angered by the British government for inviting Barkat instead of prosecuting him for demolishing dozens of Palestinian and Arab homes in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Barkat is also behind the decision to construct 1,600 homes for Jewish settlers in occupied East Jerusalem.

The protestors slammed the visit of Barkat and demanded the British government to arrest and prosecute him for his violations against the indigenous Palestinian people in Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Forum in the UK, which called for the protest, had organized a solidarity evening with the occupied city of Jerusalem on Sunday that supported Palestinian resistance against occupation and called for defending the Aqsa Mosque.