Morsy: The MB has Sacrificed much for Reform
Morsy: The MB has Sacrificed much for Reform
Monday, March 22,2010 08:12

The movement has continued extending a helping hand towards the country's reform, for over 80 years and will continue to fight and defend their country to achieve the desired reform. Morsy confirmed that the group will carry on whether supported or not by other groups, movements or parties regardless of the continued arbitrary detentions to large numbers of the movement.  

Yesterday's airing of the talk show "Egyptian Papers" on Al-Hiwar TV witnessed a vehement phone interjection while Morsy was speaking. He rejected allegations that concerning any declaration of support for a candidate at the expense of another in fear of arrests and oppression by the Egyptian regime.

"Political reform in Egypt must not be restricted to the issue of one-man running for president or not", adding "Egypt is filled with many more problems as a result of many years of political strangulation against all national powers".

"It is outrageous that Egypt which has always been depicted as a military state turning down principals of genuine democracy and a civil state – is reduced to one-man and one idea, he said, stressing that "real reform stems from combined efforts of many individuals".

When questioned about ElBaradei Morsy confirmed that the group had responded to an invitation to attend a meeting at his home in which a chosen delegation from the MB parliamentary bloc were present. However there was not enough interaction  by both parties hence  no decisions have been made with regards to the Movements support of ElBaradei; highlighting that the MB have never been involved in any pacts or agreements with the ruling regime.